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OPA Board Monthly Meeting Minutes

9 December 2007
Joslyn Park

Meeting called to order @ 4:14 by Ted W.

Board members
In attendance:
Ted Winterer
Bob Taylor
Lori Nafshun
Jan Ludwinski
Susan Lewis
Cristyne Lawson
Mary Hubbell
Dana Ehrlich
Pauline Bohannon
David Auch
Dennis Allard

Jacob Samuel (noticed)
Mary Marlow (noticed)
Jeff Jarow (noticed)

1) Introduction to OPA

2) New items
Jan L. reported that he conducted the first 2008 July 4th parade meeting with the SAMO principal and band director. The school

3) Brief Announcements
26th annual New Year's Eve Peace Party, Church at Ocean Park in Ocean Park.

Landmarks Commission tomorrow night, 2617 3rd St hearing.

4) Prior Meeting Minutes
Approved with one correction to clarify that Jan took over the meeting after Ted left.

5) Board Actions Since Last Regular Board Meeting
EC voted to make a personal, voluntary donation in memory of Ricky Ewell

Stewart and Colorado ???

Future discussion of bylaw changes to address the Board vs. EC actions in-between monthly Board meetings
ACTION: Jan L. to propose bylaw wording/policies that will reconcile the voting req't for the EC vs. the entire Board between meetings. Due in Spring 2008.

Motion that we add an emergency agenda item to ratify all previous EC votes and that we make an attempt to involve the rest of the Board when taking actions in between monthly meetings passed unanimously.

6) Information Items

7) Website
New on-line membership sign-up was successfully used at the annual meeting. Final roll-out is imminent.

8) Election of 2007-2008 Officers
•    President – Ted W. elected unanimously
•    Vice-President – Jan L. elected unanimously
•    Secretary – Mary H. elected unanimously
•    Treasurer – Dana E. elected unanimously
•    Membership Chair – Jeff J. elected unanimously
•    VP-Events – Lori N. elected unanimously
•    VP-Communications – Susan L. elected unanimously
•    VP-Community Outreach – Mary M. elected unanimously

9) City Budget Priorities
ACTION: Ted W. will pull out our 2006-7 letter and compare to progress this year. Ted W. will draft a letter for 2007-8 and submit for Board approval. Some of the ideas for inclusion include:
•    OP Blvd green street project
•    Parade budget was about $16,000 ($3,121 (7700 was budgeted) for PD, $2,700 for parking meters)
•    4th and Olympic intersection
•    Hotchkiss Park bathroom upgrades
•    Main St. pedestrian crosswalk improvements
•    Lincoln Blvd beautifications
•    Improvements to OP alleys, including use of permeable surfaces
•    Tide shuttle, expanded hours, better signage
•    Sidewalk improvements, widening and repair especially where trees have raised the concrete
•    OP playground shade augmentation
•    Funding for recycling bins along parks, beach, Main St.
•    Fill existing tree wells in OP
•    Better maintenance of existing trees
•    Evaluate undergrounding utility lines
•    Graffiti abatement paint matching
•    Dog feces collection stations
•    Bike racks
•    Bike path infrastructure, specifically, more safe bicycle
•    Feasibility study for SM Pier to be made pedestrian only
•    Matching grant for drought-tolerant gardens

Moved to continue to 6 PM

Adjourned @ 6:09 PM

Jan Ludwinski
Secretary OPA

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