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OPA Board Monthly Meeting Minutes

14 Oct 2007
Joslyn Park

Meeting called to order @ 4:26 by Ted W.

Board members
In attendance:
Ted Winterer
Mary Hubbell
Dana Ehrlich
Dennis Allard
Jeff Jarow
Jan Ludwinski
Pauline Bohannon
Lori Nafshun
Bob Taylor
Susan Lewis

Jacob Samuel
Mary Marlow
Arlene Hopkins

1) Introduction to OPA
Brief introduction by Ted W.

2) New items

3) Brief Announcements
8 Nov @ Muir, 6 PM, SMMUSD Superintendent

4) Prior Meeting Minutes
Approved with one correction in section 3 to fill in missing information re: email blasts

5) Board Actions Since Last Regular Board Meeting
Endorsed the Santa Monica Conservancy’s proposal to become the tenant of the shotgun house after it is restored and relocated to the public parking lot on Norman Place in Ocean Park. In addition, OPA would endeavor to collaborate with the Conservancy.

Annual meeting date was established to be 1 December 2007

6) Information Items

7) Palm Tree Re-planting
Ted to follow-up with Jan

8) ZJ Mural
No advocates.

9) Joslyn Park Mural
Discussion about the plaque and the condition of the mural at Joslyn Park resulted in a motion to "Forward the letter from Kearsten Nordstrom to City staff  and the Parks and Recreation Commission and ask that the plaque be retained in a visible location and inquire about the possibility of re-painting the mural in a different location". Unopposed, with 2 abstentions
ACTION: Dennis to write the letter for OPA

10) Community Gardens
Motion to send the letter with the following change "with input from local residents on materials" passed 5-4-1
ACTION: Secretary to send letter

11) Borderline Neighorhood Group (BNG) Concern Re: Excessive Speeds
Motion to send a letter to the appropriate City staff that shares the concerns of the BNG letter and expresses concern that the issue is a much broader one and OPA encourages examination of all potential alternatives to improve the safety for pedestrians
ACTION: Ted W. to send letter

12) OPA Administration
OP Blvd:  Already discussed  

Main Street: No report. Need to re-focus

Traffic and Parking: No report

Lincoln Blvd:  Inactive

Disaster Preparedness: No report. Considering how we might incorporate into annual meeting

General Plan: Couple of LUCE workshops this month, well attended

Attendance policy
Reminded board members about the Bylaw attendance requirements

Simplified Robert's Rules of Order
Motion to adopt the simplified rules that Jan L. sent out on 9/11.
ACTION: Jan L. to re-send

Question re: whether we can have members indicate on their log-in page whether they want to subscribe to the calendar.
ACTION: Dennis A. to examine the technical issues
ACTION: David A. to add members to subscription list for calendar


Will require help stuffing envelopes
January or Feb next newsletter

Jan L. took over as chair for the remainder of the meeting.

City $ will be spent by end of year

Need to talk to Joel re: hosting the sebsite

Adjourned @ 6:09 PM

Jan Ludwinski
Secretary OPA

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