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OPA Board Monthly Meeting Minutes

09 Sept 2007
Joslyn Park

Meeting called to order @ 4:09 by Ted W.

Board members
In attendance:
Ted Winterer
Mary Hubbell
Dana Ehrlich
Joel Brand
Dennis Allard
Jeff Jarow
Jan Ludwinski
Pauline Bohannon
Lori Nafshun
Bob Taylor
Susan Lewis

Jacob Samuel
Mary Marlow
Arlene Hopkins

Secretary's note: There was no August 2007 meeting due to lack of quorum. A presentation re: The Village was made by Sarah LeJeune on 12 August.

Pre-business meeting presentations
Kate Mottola and Corey Russell of the American Red Cross of Santa Monica made a presentation about disaster preparedness.

Officers from the SMPD's Homeless Liaison Program (HLP) made a presentation about their efforts to combat vagrancy and homelessness.

1) Introduction to OPA

2) New items
There is a desire to agendize board attendance.
ACTION: Jan L. will generate attendance records

Glow, first night art event (Mary H)

Agendize discussion of Joslyn park mural

Agendize discussion of hospitality status

Agendize calendar discussion

3) Brief Announcements

9 Nov @ SMASH the SMMUSD Supervisor
Alt car expo

Procedure clarification: If someone wants to have an email blast about an issue then it is incumbent on them to draft the email and submit it to the President  or the Website committee chair who will then issue it

4) Prior Meeting Minutes
Approved with one correction

5) Board Actions Since Last Regular Board Meeting
Letter sent to CC expressing concern re: airport runway safety

6) Information Items

7) Previous Actions
Ted to follow-up with Jan

8) Membership
Unclear that all memberships are being logged promptly.
ACTION: Jeff J., as Membership Chair, must determine a procedure for how all the memberships will be logged, including those memberships that come via US mail, PayPal, or directly to a board member.

9) Annual Beach Clean-up
Looking for volunteers
Motion to allocate $200 for HTB clean-up on Saturday, passed unanimously

10) ZJ's mural
No additional information form Bob T. or Jacob S.

11) Livability of OP-  Committee reports
OP Blvd:  Will be meeting with Eileen Fogarty. Need also to keep pushing the OP Blvd petition  

Main Street: No report. Jacob has not been able to attend last three meetings.

Traffic and Parking: No report

Lincoln Blvd:  Inactive

Disaster Preparedness: Will follow-up with Red Cross after today's presentation

General Plan- next meeting end of July.  Mary needs more committee members.

12) OPA Administration

Nominating Committee: Nominations close next Friday
ACTION: Ted to email membership to solicit nominations
ACTION: Jan to verify who's up for re-election

Annual meeting scheduling: weekend before Thanksgiving?

Adjourned @ 6:09 PM

Jan Ludwinski
Secretary OPA

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