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OPA Board Monthly Meeting Minutes

20 May 2007
Joslyn Park

Meeting called to order @ 3:04 by Ted W.

Board members
In attendance:
Ted Winterer
Bob Taylor
Jacob Samuel
Lori Nafshun
Mary Marlow
Jan Ludwinski
Jeff Jarow
Dana Ehrlich
Kristina Deutsch
Joel Brand
Dennis Allard

Susan Lewis
Mary Hubbell
Arlene Hopkins
Pauline Bohannon

Refreshments by Kay P.

Ted introduced Chief Timothy Jackman. Chief Jackman's priorities:
Youth and Gang violence
He then took questions from the group

Eileen Fogarty presented a summary of the LUCE neighborhood workshop results. She then took questions from the group

1) Introduction to OPA

2) New items
Hedge ordinance concern. Speaker was interested in the status of the interim ordinance.

Presentation next month re: Village project

3) Brief Announcements
Mary M. reported that the city has retracted the (12 June) request for beach parking

Horizons West was landmarked

4) Prior Meeting Minutes
Approved with spelling and attendance corrections

5) Board Actions Since Last Regular Board Meeting
Letter supporting Angel's Attic move was approved thru email and sent to City Council

Ted sent letter questioning the city staff's assertion that parking meters on Main St had to be paid for in support of the 4th of July parade

6) Information Items

7) Actions from previous meetings
Completed actions: No new closures

From April: Need articles for newsletter

From March:
•    Previous ACTION:  Jake S. to write the letter to City Council [to recommend denial of the appeal against landmarking]

From February:
•    Previous ACTION:  Jeff J. will draft an email to the unpaid membership to encourage payment of dues and present that email at next month's meeting. Should combine this with action alert and/or tee-shirt solicitation
•    Previous ACTION:  Bob T. is to invite Eilene Fogarty to help us plan the next steps to get the [OP Blvd] plan updated.
•    Previous ACTION: Mary M. to invite the trustees to an OPA meeting to discuss parking priorities for students.
•    Previous ACTION: Jeff to talk to Arlene for NC consideration
•    Previous ACTION: Lori to research schedule, costs, etc. for such a seminar [leadership]
•    Previous ACTION: Jeff to talk to Arlene for NC consideration

From January:
•    Previous ACTION: Committee chairs are to write a synopsis of what their respective committees do (in time for mailer). The only committees for which I have charters are OP Blvd/Traffic and Disaster Preparedness

10) Committee reports

OP Blvd:  Support city budget process to increase chances. Motion to allocate $200 to add an annotated chart to the Powerpoint "before and after" OP Blvd that highlights the changes

Main Street:  No report

Traffic and Parking: No report

Lincoln Blvd:  No report

Disaster Preparedness: Negotiating with Red Cross for presentation in July or August

14) OPA Administration

Events: Parade estimate $4000-6000 for parade organization.  Currently negotiating re: parking meter fees. Motion to allocate $6000 (~$2000 for parking meter fees + $4000 remaining expenses) to pay for the parade. Unanimously passed. Will follow-up with city council for reimbursement of parking meter fees, and will begin fundraising.

Neighborhood Council: None

Treasurers Report: None

Website: Dennis reported that website now has online access to the database. Authorize up to $1800 for website PayPal membership and for adding OP Blvd "before and after" slideshow. Unanimous

Adjourned @ 6:00 PM

Jan Ludwinski
Secretary, OPA

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