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OPA Board Monthly Meeting Minutes

22 April 2007
Joslyn Park

Meeting called to order @ 3:07 by Ted W.

Board members
In attendance:
Ted Winterer
Bob Taylor
Jacob Samuel
Mary Marlow
Jan Ludwinski
Susan Lewis
Jeff Jarow
Mary Hubbell
Arlene Hopkins
Dana Ehrlich
Kristina Deutsch
Joel Brand
Pauline Bohannon
Dennis Allard

Lori Nafshun

Refreshments by Kay P.

Brett Horner, Senior Analyst, Santa Monica Parks and Community Facility Planning presented a slideshow on goals/objectives of Green Streets program; and Green Building/ Energy Efficiency presentation by Susan Munves, Santa Monica Energy and Green Building Administrator, including information on new Solar Santa Monica program.

1) Introduction to OPA

2) New items
Bob T. suggested that proposals to address any private property issues should have both sides represented. Referred to bylaws committee (see item #13 below)

3) Brief Announcements
24 April – City Council meeting. NOTE: previously scheduled appeal of the 2219 Ocean designation as a landmark has been continued to a future City Council meeting

29 April - Airport Park opening

3 May - Beach greening meeting

18-19 May - Alt Build Expo

7 May, Luce revisions community, Civic Center

Saturdays, 2 hr, Conservancy walking tour

4) Prior Meeting Minutes
Approved with spelling and attendance corrections

5) Board Actions Since Last Regular Board Meeting

6) Information Items

9) Angel's Attic (moved up to accommodate Aleta Slayton)
Ted introduced issue and Aleta Slayton elaborated. Motion to support move of Angel's Attic to the Victorian location on Main Street. Approved (none opposed, one abstention)

7) Actions from previous meetings
Completed actions:
•    See item 14
•    Mary H. put OP Blvd petition online
•    Jeff J. brought camera to March board meeting and took mug shots
•    Mary H. sent letter to BBB re: shuttle concerns/thoughts
•    Jan L. contacted SAMO marching band to gage interest (see #14 below)

From March:
•    Previous ACTION:  Jake S. to write the letter to City Council [to recommend denial of the appeal against landmarking]

From February:
•    Previous ACTION:  Jeff J. will draft an email to the unpaid membership to encourage payment of dues and present that email at next month's meeting. Should combine this with action alert and/or tee-shirt solicitation
•    Previous ACTION:  Bob T. is to invite Eilene Fogarty to help us plan the next steps to get the [OP Blvd] plan updated.
•    Previous ACTION: Mary M. to invite the trustees to an OPA meeting to discuss parking priorities for students.
•    Previous ACTION: Jeff to talk to Arlene for NC consideration
•    Previous ACTION: Lori to research schedule, costs, etc. for such a seminar [leadership]
•    Previous ACTION: Jeff to talk to Arlene for NC consideration

From January:
•    Previous ACTION: Committee chairs are to write a synopsis of what their respective committees do (in time for mailer). The only committees for which I have charters are OP Blvd/Traffic and Disaster Preparedness

8) Membership
 See item 14
9) Moved earlier - See above
10) Committee reports
OP Blvd:  With the petition online, next step is City Council's. Jeff to talk to Bloom and O'Connor, Joel B. to talk to Genser, Jacob S. to talk to Shriver, Mary M. to talk to Katz, Kristina to talk to McKeown, to support the OP Blvd (West of Lincoln) Green Streets Project study and plan

Main Street:  Next Main Street Merchants Assoc. meeting on 7 May

Traffic and Parking: No report

Lincoln Blvd:  No report

Disaster Preparedness: No report, but need to move out. Summer is open for public presentations

General Plan:  "Placemaking" workshop at Olympic HS to solicit community input; focus was on Lincoln and while interesting, didn't allow for broader discussion of other issues, e.g. Main Street and OP Blvd

11) Horizon's West Status
Jake Samuel reported. Landmarking vote scheduled for next month.

12) Appian Way Re-opening from PCH
Postponed from last month

13) Creation of and Appointment to By-Laws Committee
Motion to form committee. Some issues are 60 day notification of annual meeting, term limits. Volunteers Joel, Jan, Dana, Mary. Will send out current by-laws for review

14) OPA Administration
Membership: Jeff reported on new members (with handout)

Communications: Lori reported that next newsletter will come out in ~6 weeks:
Beach greening – Ted
BBB – Mary H.
Planning – Mary M.
Chief Jackman – Jan L.

Events: Parade status planning unknown. Some progress in SAMO band participation – Jan L. has communicated with the band leader Sakow and Principal Pedroza, both of whom are interested in the parade idea.

Neighborhood Council: Arlene H. reported. Disaster preparedness one area of high interest

Treasurers Report: Dana provided Q1 report (and handout)

Website: Dennis reported that database was updated, blast improved, website member editing and PayPal to be added soon

Adjourned @ 5:55 PM

Jan Ludwinski
Secretary, OPA

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