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OPA Board Monthly Meeting Minutes
11 Nov 2007
Joslyn Park

Meeting called to order @ 4:08 by Ted W.

Board members
In attendance:
Ted Winterer
Mary Hubbell
Dennis Allard
Jeff Jarow
Jan Ludwinski
Pauline Bohannon
Lori Nafshun
Bob Taylor
Susan Lewis
Jacob Samuel
Mary Marlow

Arlene Hopkins
Dana Ehrlich

1) Introduction to OPA

2) New items
Street parking on 5th between 3 and 5 PM (street cleaning) makes it difficult for parent pick-up at Muir and SMASH.

Annual letter for city priorities, emphasizing alley maintenance.

Furniture dumping.

Dog feces epidemic.

Goals for 2008.

Bicknell and Main, immature trees have been planted rather than the mature trees called for in the plan.

3) Brief Announcements
26th annual New Year's Eve Peace Party, Church at Ocean Park in Ocean Park.

Landmarks Commission tomorrow night, 2617 3rd St hearing.

4) Prior Meeting Minutes
Approved with one correction to clarify that Jan took over the meeting after Ted left.

5) Board Actions Since Last Regular Board Meeting
Greeting card provided as part of the Main Street mailer

New traffic methodology endorsement letter sent.

Authorized t-shirts and bottle purchase for sale and give-away.

Dennis sent letter re: Joslyn Park mural and plaque.

6) Information Items

7) Request of Treesavers
Jerry Rubin requested that OPA join all other neighborhood organizations in asking for the preservation of the trees on 2nd and 4th.

OPA opposes the current proposal to remove the mature, healthy trees along the 2nd and 4th street public property unless there is a clear safety or health concern. Trees should be trimmed to allow for clear fields of view to traffic signage, and where diseased, they should be removed. Furthermore, there should be a public process established to evaluate any future proposals for any large-scale tree removal. Motion passes, 7-0-3.
ACTION: Ted to send letter to City Manager.
8) Angled parking

Issue of adding angled parking on Bicknell, Pacific, and Hollister referred to Traffic and Parking committee.
9) MSBIA MSBIA supports the OP Blvd proposal.

Planning future discussions re: community gardens.

MSBIA concerned that farmer's market has grown too large and disproportionately non-Main Street and are forming a committee to discuss these issues. OPA Board is interested in specific proposals that the committee might have. Lori N. volunteered to attend for OPA.
10) Olympic HS Bob T. reported on the draft proposal to increase enrollment from 130 to ~400 students. He noted that the specific direction is unclear. This is an issue to watch, especially the traffic flow impacts.

Meeting extended until 6 PM.
11) New Executive Committee VP for Outreach Motion to create a position VP for Community Outreach and appoint Mary Marlow. Passed unopposed.

12) Committee Reports
OP Blvd:  Upcoming committee meeting planned.

Main Street: No report.

Traffic and Parking: No report

Disaster Preparedness: Decided against inviting Red Cross to formally attend the annual meeting due to the restaurant venue and holiday party atmosphere.

General Plan: No report.

Events: Annual meeting proposed for Finn McCool's on Main Street. Motion to spend up to $1000 for refreshments for the annual meeting passed unanimously.

Adjourned @ 6:09 PM

Jan Ludwinski
Secretary OPA
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