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Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2008

Joslyn Park Auditorium

Time: 2:00 to 4:45 PM

Jacob Samuel
Dana Ehrlich
Lori Nafshun


Presentation by Michael Farzam, owner of Travelodge and Pacific Sands hotels, on proposal to redevelop the sites of
these two lodging facilities at 15151525
Ocean Avenue and 1530 Second Street.


1. Introduction to OPA by President Ted Winterer

Meeting called to order at 3:10 PM


2. New Items for Board Attention
· No items presented.

3. Brief Announcements:
· OPA Member: Dr. Paul Doose, Associate Professor, Los Angeles Southwest College, introduced Prop. 92
and disseminated information to the group.
· Landmarks Commission: will be discussing the 2617 3rd Street Historic District Project on Monday,

4. Review and Approval of December Meeting Minutes (Agenda Attachment #1)
· Motion to approve minutes: Approved unanimously

5. Review of Board and Executive Committee Decisions Taken Since Last Meeting: none taken

6. Information Items: none presented

7. Appointment of Neighborhood Council Liaison
· Motion: Appoint OPA Member Arlene Hopkins Approved unanimously


8. Presentation on Prop R, local school financing measure on February 5th ballot: By CoChair of SMMUSD PTA
Council: Susan Giesberg
· Motion: Endorsement of Prop R—Passed Unanimously
· See www.YesonRforOurSchools.org
9. Review of letter to Council and City Manager on OPA’s 08/09 budget priorities
· Revision and approval of letter (Agenda Attachment #2) Discussion followed. Ted explained three
amendments made to original letter. Other changes were suggested.
· Motion: Approve letter with addition of suggested changes – Unanimously approved.
ACTION: Ted will make changes and send letter.

10. Discussion of massage parlors on Lincoln and neighbors’ concerns about illegal services provided at these
businesses: Lee Trask presented concerns. SMPD has been involved in monitoring the businesses as allowed by law.
· Approval of letter to City officials (See Agenda Attachment #3—letter from concerned neighbors shared at
· Motion to approve letter from OPA to City Officials in support of neighborhood concerns. Unanimously
ACTION: Ted will forward letter from neighbors and attach letter requesting City to follow up on previously
requested items related to voiced concerns.

11. Discussion of November ballot initiative to enact annual cap on commercial development: Ted Winterer presented background and update on ballot initiative. Go to: www.smclc.net (Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City) for more information. Discussion will continue at future meetings.

12. Presentation by neighbor Peter Ludwig regarding issues at OP43, a CCSM building in Ocean Park. Presented
information about concerns related to the OP43 building not becoming a coop as desired by the residents of OP43. Ted Winterer reported on meeting with CCSM board members who claim that the property has finance stability concerns and they needed to wait on the idea of creating a coop. The coop will not allow residents to actually own the building or the property and it is not a financially viable option for the residents as the coop
structure stands now. Peter said that the residents would like more tenant control of the building. The CCSM bylaws would have to change to allow OPA board members to join the CCSM board. Peter will discuss coop
issue with other tenants.

13. Livability of Ocean Park: Committee Reports (Discussion of goals for 2008)
· Ocean Park Boulevard (Chair: Taylor / Members: Jarow, Auch, Winterer): Consultant has been officially
signed by the City. Meeting member shared concerns about restriping of OPB east and west of Lincoln.
ACTION Item: He will write a letter regarding concerns and possible solutions and item will be added to
the agenda for next meeting.
· Main Street (Chair: Samuel / Members: Taylor, Ehrlich): No report
· Traffic and Parking (Chair: Samuel / Members: Hubbell, Ludwinski, Taylor): No report
· Disaster Preparedness (Chair: Ludwinksi / Members: Bohannon): sign up for classes
· General Plan (Chair: Marlow / Members: Samuel, Winterer): Planning commission meeting on 1/16/08,
2000 Main new retail space has been approved. City Council meeting on 1/22/08. At City council meeting
a discussion of Farmer’s Market changes will be discussed to allow local business selling goods besides
food. Basically, legalizing what is currently in place.


14. OPA Administration: Committee and Task Force Reports (Discussion of goals for 2008)
· Events (Chair: Nafshun / Members: Hubbell, Bohannon, Marlow, Jarow, Lewis, Ehrlich): Presentation at
next OPA meeting on Sustainability by City Liaison. Events Chair would like to invite Kim from the City
Drought Tolerant Garden Grant Program to our next meeting as well. They would speak during the 3:004:
00 PM time.
· Membership (Chair: Jarow / Secretary: Bohannon)
i. Quarterly Membership Report (April, July, October and January meetings): No report
Jan offered to help with membership outreach.
· Communications (Lewis): Newsletter articles needed for City funded newsletter. Discussion of needed
content followed.
ACTION: Ted, Mary M., Dave, Bob, Jan write articles and submit to Susan asap
· Community Outreach (Marlow): Presentations for City Council are in the works. Mary presented a plan for
contacting the City as various milestones arrive. PowerPoint presentation must be put on the website
ACTION: Dennis to put on website
· Hospitality Committee (currently no chair): Need someone to take on refreshments for meetings when we
have guest speakers
· Neighborhood Council (Representative: Hopkins): no report
· Treasurers Report (Ehrlich): No report
i. Quarterly Treasurers Report (April, July, October and January meetings)
· Website (Chairs: Allard and Brand): Dennis is making changes and additions.


Motion to extend meeting to 5:00 PM. Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 PM

Next Meetings:
· Sunday, February 10th, 3 PM, Joslyn Park: 3:00 4:00 PM Community Forum Santa
Monica Sustainability Liaison and Draught Tolerant Grant Program presentation followed by general OPA
· Sunday, March 9th, 4 PM, Joslyn Park
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