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Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2008 Time: 4:00 to 5:45 PM



1. Introduction to OPA and introduction

2. New Items for Board Attention

· Sharon Carothers and Glenn Cocco from Borderline Neighborhood Group: concerned about speeding and traffic issues. Sharon would like to speak at the April OPA meeting. ACTION: Add to the agenda for April meeting
· The OPA Annual BBQ will take place on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at the Vic. Dana passed out flyers for the board to distribute
· Membership: Vote at April meeting on what membership cycle should be
· Proposed change to May meeting date due to Mother’s Day

3. Brief Announcements:

· Laugh Angeles Foundation: Angela Rodriquez CoDirector
of Laugh Angeles Foundation and Kim Selbert introduced the foundation’s goals
and demonstrated a laughter activity. The Laughter Club is having an event, World Laughter Day 2008, on Sunday, May 4, 2008. Flyers were distributed. ACTION: Event to be added to the OPA Calendar

4. Review and Approval of February Meeting Minutes

· Motion to approve minutes with amendments to Item 2 on the agenda to read that item will be continued. No presentation by City is currently
planned for this item. Motion passed unanimously

5. Review of Board and Executive Committee Decisions Taken Since Last Meeting: none taken

6. Information Items:
· Ed Harker OP resident lives on 3rd Street and Hill/Ashland. The building is slated to be demolished. The apartments will be replaced by
condominiums. Public hearings will be coming up beginning April 2.


7. Presentation on proposed plastic bag ban in Santa Monica by Meredith McCarthy, Director of Programs for Heal the Bay
· Meredith discussed where the City is with the ordinance is right now. The Council has ordered staff to write an ordinance. This will take
approximately 34
months. She distributed the Executive Summary from the February 12, 2008 City Council meeting. The ordinance is
unique because it also requires a fee for paper bags as well. Please go to the City website for complete text of ordinance. Meridith can
be reached at mmccarthy@healthebay.org
·     www.healthebay.org/baghearing

8. Followup
discussion of restriping of Ocean Park Boulevard east of Lincoln: continued to next meeting

9. Discussion of OPA becoming a Sustainable City Champion
· See attachment on OPA web site
· Motion for Endorsement by OPA to pledge to become a Sustainable Champion, motion passed unanimously
· ACTION: An OP Blvd Committee member will send periodic updates to the City regarding sustainable practices

10. Livability of Ocean Park: Committee Reports
· Ocean Park Boulevard; (Chair: Taylor / Members: Jarow, Auch, Winterer) The OP Blvd presentation by the City and open forum was
well received. Jeff gave a summary of the meeting for the meeting attendees. Brief overview by other board members followed. Next
meeting will be at the end of April where 3 scenarios for redesign will be presented.
ACTION: Dave and Mary Marlow (Outreach Committee) will send out an email to membership thanking people who were able to
participate and will provide any additional information that is relevant from the meeting for those who could not attend.
ACTION Jeff will phone the City planners to thank them and ask for more information for the board about the “Green Plan” that Peter
James sent in email to Bob.
· Main Street (Chair: none/ Members: Taylor, Ehrlich)no
· Traffic and Parking (Chair: none/ Members: Hubbell, Ludwinski, Taylor) Parking
ordinance that was passed in OP near SAMOHI and
surrounding streets only impacts those neighborhoods and streets where residents have filed a petition requesting preferential parking.
· Disaster Preparedness (Chair: Ludwinski / Members: Bohannon) – There will be a presentation by Fire Dept. at April OPA meeting.
Disaster Assistance Response Training info is on our calendar.
· General Plan (Chair: Marlow / Members: Samuel, Winterer) – Mary Marlow gave a summary of the LUCE meeting last Saturday. It was
about transportation and was well attended. The next L.A. Expo 2 meeting will be April 1 at Crossroads School in Santa Monica.
ACTION: Mary Marlow will add the meeting information to the OPA calendar.

11. Discussion of obtaining liability coverage for OPA Board
· ACTION: Dave will obtain quotes from vendors used by NOMA, FOSP, perhaps others and present info next month

12. Discussion of revision to bylaws re Board actions between meetings. Jan reported that we cannot change the bylaws until the annual meeting.
Item continued. ACTION: Jan will propose some specific bylaws
changes by the next annual meeting.

13. OPA Administration: Committee and Task Force Reports
· Events (Chair: Nafshun / Members: Hubbell, Bohannon, Marlow, Jarow, Lewis, Ehrlich): Mary Marlow reported that the City has
approached us to cosponsor
the parade which would reduce and/or eliminate many fees. One concern is that the City could begin
making changes to decisions and adding restrictions about the parade organization.
ACTION: OPA Parade Committee will need to discuss what cosponsorship
will mean and present to the board for a vote.
ACTION: Clarification of date of next parade meeting is needed.
ACTION Lori will send an updated version of the volunteer positions for the BBQ to the board along with equipment setup plan
(tables, posters, etc.)
· Membership (Chair: Jarow / Secretary: Bohannon)
1. Quarterly Membership Report (April, July, October and January meetings): verbal report given by Jan
2. Membership table: ACTION Jeff will bring the banner from the park for the membership table by 4:30 on Wednesday
· Communications (Lewis): no report
· Community Outreach (Marlow): see OP Blvd update above
· Hospitality Committee (Lawson): no report
· Neighborhood Council (Representative: Hopkins): no report
· Treasurers Report (Ehrlich)
i. Quarterly Treasurers Report: next report will be available in April
· Website (Chairs: Allard and Brand): Dennis has spent many hours making changes to membership renewals, tshirt sales, PayPal, and he will send an email reminding members of their membership status and encouraging them to renew. Additional calendar links were also added.

Meeting adjourned 5:55PM

Next Meetings:
· Wednesday March 12th, Ocean Park Barbecue at the Victorian on Main
· Sunday, April 13th, 4 PM, Joslyn Park
· Sunday, May 11th, 4 PM, Joslyn Park (tentative)
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