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Minutes for OPA Monthly Meeting

Held at the Church In Ocean Park

May 18th, 2008 Time: 300 to 5:00 PM

Mary Marlow


1. Introduction to OPA

2. New Items for Board Attention: none

3. Brief Announcements: none

4. Review and Approval of April Meeting Minutes
· Motion to approve 4/13/2008 meeting minutes. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Review of Board and Executive Committee Decisions Taken Since Last Meeting
·$400 allocated for portable toilets for 5/10/08 Firehouse pancake breakfast

6. Information Items: none


7. Presentation on New Santa Monica Magazine: No presentation, postponed until further notice

8. Discussion of citizen care of public trees: Suggestion to post tree care tips on website.
·ACTION: Susan will look for content for website tree care tips

9. Followup
discussion on OPA policy on endorsing ballot initiatives:
·Discussion followed. Ideas presented included: 1. Creating guidelines that include making an effort to reach out to membership before
taking a vote on initiatives. Possible community forum outside of monthly meeting 2. We are residents of our neighborhood and we can take a
stance on issues. 3. Providing information on OPA website for any initiatives. Membership opinion polling feature added to website.

· ACTION: Taylor and Allard to draft formal guidelines and present a board policy for approval by the Board at the June 8, 2008 meeting.

10. Discussion of Props 98 and 99 on June 3rd ballot: Bill Kaufman, OP resident spoke in opposition to Prop 98. Arleen Hendler, President of The
Shores Resident’s Association, spoke in opposition of Prop 98 and in support of Prop 99. Ben Wong, Regional public Affairs Manager of the League of
California Cities presented information on each proposition and reviewed the eminent domain law. He explained that on the actual ballot the title and
summary of Prop 98 does not indicate that it is also going to remove rent control. Mark Tarbet, Santa Monica Renters Rights Organizer, discussed
implications of Prop 98 as a constitutional amendment and it’s affects on removal of renter’s rights, removal of zoning codes and cessation of water
projects. Discussion followed. Proponents of Prop 98 and those opposed to Prop 99 were invited to attend the meeting and none responded.

· See www.noprop98.org and www.yesprop98.com
· Also see City Council position: www.smgov.net/news/releases/archive/2008/noon98.
· Motion that OPA Board takes the position to oppose Prop 98. 11 yes/ 1 abstain Motion carried.
· Motion that OPA Board takes the position to support Prop 99. 12/yes Motion passed unanimously
· Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles is holding a Tenant’s Demonstration on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 10AM at 621 Westmoreland Ave. and Wilshire. For more information: 3105762090

11. Discussion of beach greening project at 2400 Barnard Way: Information card was distributed that included the key facts about the beach greening
project. Members were encouraged to read and be able to explain these to others. For more info: rpc@smgov.net Dave Auch questioned the level of
“green” characteristics in the project. People were encouraged to make suggestions to the city for future projects to include more “green” aspects such
as reclaiming water for landscape use.

12. Livability of Ocean Park: Committee Reports
· Ocean Park Boulevard (Chair: Taylor / Members: Jarow, Auch, Winterer): Bob shared information about the Bicknell, Longfellow and
Ocean Park Blvd green street projects. Longfellow budget: $2.5 mil. They are working on coordinating the undergrounding of utilities
schedule to keep costs at $2.5 mil.
Ocean Park Blvd Project: Bob Taylor reviewed the preliminary city budget which includes the following project
i. 2008/2009
$450,000 design improvements
ii. 2009/2010
From City Budget: $200,000
From Alternate Sources: $2.8 million
iii. 2010/2011
From City Budget $1 million
Members were urged to contact City Council to support funding of OPB project.
ACTION: Bob will send out information about it, then members should speak to city council concerning funding of the project.
ACTION: Board will send letter to council to urge support for funding project.
· Main Street (Chair: Jarow/ Members: Taylor, Ehrlich): No report
· Traffic and Parking (Chair: none/ Members: Hubbell, Taylor): No report
· Disaster Preparedness (Chair: Ludwinski / Members: Bohannon): No report
· General Plan (Chair: Marlow / Members: Samuel, Winterer): No report


13. Review of proposed changes to bylaws section on board votes between meetings
· See attachment #2 on 5/18/2008 agenda for new language
· ACTION: Item moved to June 8, 2008 meeting

14. OPA Administration: Committee and Task Force Reports
· Events (Chair: Nafshun / Members: Hubbell, Bohannon, Marlow, Jarow, Lewis, Ehrlich): Parade route will be the same as last year.
Need to schedule regular meetings of Parade Committee. ACTION: Lori will send out email of possible meeting dates/times.
ACTION: All Parade Committee subcommittees need to send Dana their budgets as soon as possible.
· Membership (Chair: Jarow / Secretary: Bohannon)
i. Quarterly Membership Report (April, July, October and January meetings)
ii. Dave Auch has inputted contact information from the BBQ sign up sheets and offered to do the same for the Pancake
breakfast if there were any.
· Communications (Lewis):
with the exception of Susan Lewis, decided to not do one until after the parade
· Community Outreach (Marlow) No report
· Hospitality Committee (Lawson) No report
· Neighborhood Council (Representative: Hopkins) No report
· Treasurers Report (Ehrlich)
i. Quarterly Treasurers Report (April, July, October and January meetings)
ii. There are now 3 accounts:
1. General Account
2. City Grant Account
3. Parade Account
· Website (Chairs: Allard and Brand): Parade page going live


Next Meetings:
· Sunday, June 8th, 3:30 PM, Joslyn Park: Walt Warriner, Community Forester will present@ 3:30 PM
· Sunday, July 13th, 4 PM, Joslyn Park
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