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Minutes from OPA Monthly Meeting

Joslyn Park Auditorium September 14, 2008 Time: 4:00 to 6:00 PM




1. Introduction to OPA and introduction of meeting attendees

2. New Items for Board Attention – None presented

3. Brief Announcements:
· Park and Recs meeting with Ocean Park Blvd. Improvement Project as an agenda item. Thursday, 9/18 @ 7:30 PM at Ken Edwards Center
· Location of former Boulangerie—“Goudas and Vines” had a grand opening Saturday, 9/13.
· Tom “Slick” Caffrey died on Saturday, 9/13 from injuries sustained in a fall from his skateboard at the corner of 5th and Hollister in Ocean
Park. OPA will send condolences to his family.
· OPA is sponsoring a Candidate’s Forum with the SM Daily Press at the Main Library, MLK Auditorium, on 10/22 at 6 PM. This is an opportunity for residents to pose questions to candidates for City Council, SMMUSD Board of Education and SMC Board.

4. Review and Approval of July Meeting Minutes
· See Agenda Attachment #1
· Minutes approved unanimously
5. Review of Board and Executive Committee Decisions Taken Since Last Meeting
· Decision to participate in Candidates Forum

6. Information Items (No Discussion)
· City Council Candidate and member of FOSP, Susan Hartley, introduced herself and shared her bio.
· City Council Candidate and president of OPA, Ted Winterer, announced that he is running for a seat as well.

7. Discussion of “I Am Santa Monica” hospitality program
· Tracy Balsz from the Convention and Visitors Bureau presented a new workshop being offered to train local business and city employees
about Santa Monica. It is now open to residents as well. For more information go to www.iamsantamonica.com or call 310-319-6263
· ACTION: OPA will send an informational email blast to membership

8. Discussion of proposed new CCSM project 430-508 Pico
· See Agenda attachment #2
· Ted provided a brief overview of the proposed project. A discussion by board members and several OP residents in attendance followed.
· ACTION: Ted recorded questions, concerns and suggestions to be brought to CCSM (developers of the project)
· ACTION: Ted will ask CCSM to meet with OPA before the final plans are created in order to share questions, suggestions and concerns from local residents and OPA board members

9. Discussion of annual Beach Cleanup in September
· Dana is organizing the beach cleanup on Saturday, September 20, 2008. She needs people to distribute posters, flyers and needs more
volunteers to work the booths at Lifeguard stand 27. All those interested need to contact her as soon as possible: dehrlich11@yahoo.com
· ACTION: Dana will create an email blast to membership

10. Request from member Michael Feinstein that OPA ask Transportation Management to study painting parking spaces on Hollister between Barnard
and Neilson to increase on-street parking for residents
· See Agenda attachment #3
· Discussion followed review of letter
· Motion to send a letter in support of a pilot project to create hash markings for parking spaces on Hollister with the idea to expand the project
throughout Ocean Park if it is successful.
· Passed unanimously
· ACTION: Ted will write the letter from OPA

11. Livability of Ocean Park: Committee Reports
· Ocean Park Boulevard (OPB) - (Chair: Taylor / Members: Jarow, Auch, Winterer): No dates or times have been decided yet for the next
OPB workshops. Bob Taylor gave an update on the project. The city reported that the project most preferred by those in attendance at
previous workshops is over budget. The plan is being modified to reduce costs. A presentation to City Council will take place in approx. two
months. Concerns included; proposed traffic circle at 5th Street intersection, separated bike lanes, bioswale issues, funding sources. It was
suggested to invite the SMPD, SMFD, school principals and PTSA presidents from SMASH and John Muir to the next workshop. It was also
suggested to research possible funding from state grants to fund the project.
ACTION: The OPB Committee will keep the board informed of any upcoming workshop and/or meeting dates.
· Main Street (Chair: Jarowl / Members: Taylor, Ehrlich): No report
· Traffic and Parking (Chair: none / Members: Hubbell, Ludwinski, Taylor): No report
· Disaster Preparedness (Chair: Ludwinksi / Members: Bohannon): No report
· General Plan (Chair: Marlow / Members: Samuel, Winterer): No report


12. Discussion of OPA Annual Meeting and Board nominations
· Reports from Events Chair Nafshun and Nominating Committee Chair Bohannon.
· Discussion followed. Board decided to make the event a celebration rather than a general meeting with opportunities for people to make
announcements as needed. Lori shared possible sites for the annual meeting.
· ACTION: Lori will check with Lula’s to reserve back patio. She will confirm date of tree lighting event with Main Street Merchants so that we
can align the events.
· Pauline still needs some of the nominee’s statements.
ACTION: Pauline will send emails to each nominee that has not submitted a statement. She will complete the ballot.

13. Discussion of obtaining liability coverage for OPA Board
· ACTION: Dave Auch will research and report to board at October meeting

14. Discussion of storage of OPA materials currently in Cristyne Lawson’s garage. Dana has collected most of the items. Discussion of monthly
compensation to board member who volunteers to store items followed.
· ACTION: Dana will email the board to see who has OPA items in personal storage. She will work on creating a storage space in her garage
for storage of all of the items.

15. OPA Administration: Committee and Task Force Reports
· Events (Chair: Nafshun / Members: Hubbell, Bohannon, Marlow, Jarow, Lewis, Ehrlich): Next event is our OPA annual meeting.
Date/time/location to be announced before next meeting.
· Membership (Chair: Jarow / Secretary: Bohannon)
ACTION: Pauline will present October report at October meeting
i. Quarterly Membership Report (April, July, October and January meetings)
· Communications (Lewis): Discussion of newsletter for annual meeting
ACTION: Board members who agreed to submit articles by November meeting; Lori: parade, Dave: pancake breakfast, Dennis:
Bicycling, Bob: OPB Improvement Project, Dana: beach cleanup.
ACTION: Bob will relay info to Susan and ask her to let people know word count, etc. for articles.
· Community Outreach (Marlow): Hubbell asked if board members can begin to input information themselves on the OPA Calendar.
Instructions were sent out previous to the meeting.
ACTION: Board members wishing to advertise events should input the information on the OPA calendar. The calendar is automatically
emailed to all board members and is available on the website for public viewing.
· Hospitality Committee: No report
· Neighborhood Council (Representative: Hopkins): No report
· Treasurers Report (Ehrlich)
ACTION: Dana will present October report at October meeting
i. Quarterly Treasurers Report (April, July, October and January meetings)
· Website (Chairs: Allard and Brand): No report


Meeting extended to 6PM by unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned at 6PM

Next Meetings:
· Sunday, October12th, 4 PM, Joslyn Park
· Sunday, November 9th, 4 PM, Joslyn Park
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