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Bonus Car Wash Signs Historic Union Contract

10/27/2011 4:10 PM | Anonymous
The Ocean Park Association is pleased to announce some great news regarding Bonus Car Wash. Please refer to the email below, sent by Abby Arnold:

Hi Jeff!
Can you please put out an email letting the neighborhood know the very good news that makes me so proud to live in Ocean Park :
The owners of Bonus Car Wash are the first in the United States (!!!!) to sign a contract with the union chosen by their workers to represent them. The people who wash our cars now will be paid minimum wage, their paychecks will be on time and will not bounce, they will have regular breaks according to law, and they have the right to drink water while they work. They will also have protective gloves to use when they are working with harmful chemicals, and the car wash will dispose of toxics properly. 
Bonus Car Wash on Lincoln, between Raymond and Ashland , is also planning to reach out to community groups such as sports teams, schools, and churches to do car wash fundraisers.
Next time you get your car washed, please thank the manager for the company's humanity, which reflects an important Ocean Park neighborhood value.
(Like others who serve us, including food servers, we should tip generously since these carwasheros are only making minimum wage.)
Many thanks, Jeff!
Abby Arnold

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